We use raw materials like steel, copper, aluminum, brass etc to manufacture our assortment of precision turned components that find application in automobile industry, switch gear industry etc.

The range of our products include the following:

CNC Precision Turned Components

Automotive Components

Parts for lock industry

Switch Gear Mechanical Parts

We manufacture precision parts on CNC turning and milling machine to serve various industrial purposes. Our parts are made as per the tolerance

We fabricate an array of automotive components & assemblies, which come in diversified applications in the automotive industry. All our components are mindfully designed

We manufacture a range of parts and components for the lock industry. The parts and components are designed and perfected to excellence.

We manufacture machined parts for switch gears. We fabricate mechanical parts in designs, which enhance the efficiency and reliability of the switch gears.

Pins & Bushes

Gear & Gear Blanks

Nozzels & Fittings

Surface Finishing Components

We have an array of pins and bushes in a variety of size and technical specifications. Our pins and bushes provide effective protection against angled coupling and de-coupling.

We fabricates premium quality small gears, gear blanks which are effective in power transmission in vehicles. Manufactured from excellent raw materials.

We fabricate a wide array of parts for the hydraulics industry. Our hydraulics industry parts are known for excellence in fabrication and performance.

We also manufacture wide range of Surface finishing such as zinc plating, Nickel chrome plating, Black oxidizing, and many more…


Threaded Parts

Parts for Valve industry

Non Ferrous Metalic Components

Ferrous Metallic Components

We manufacture a range of threaded parts which are used in fastening application in almost every imaginable processes and machinery.

We manufacture a range of parts for the valve industry. These parts are made from quality metals and alloys like S.S. 304 / S.S. 316 / S.S. 420 etc.

We fabricate a broad spectrum of machine components which come in specialized & versatile applications across various industries.

We fabricate a broad spectrum of machine components which come in specialized and versatile applications across various industries.


We have facilities of turning 2mm to 200mm, milling, drilling0.5mm to 14mm , tappingm2 to m 30, centre less grinding2mm to 75 mm, thread rollingM2 to M24, surface grinding up to 1m, cylindrical grinding, Band saw cutting up to Ø200mm, Gear hobbling, broaching, Heat treatment, Surface finishing.( plating likes zinc plating ,Nickel chrome plating, Black oxidizing, and many more.)


Our endeavors to provide the customers with the best products have helped us gain ISO 9001:2008 certifications. This has resulted in a wide clientele in not only in India but also in the foreign markets. We specialize in bulk as well as small batch quantities from 100 to 500000 Nos.